MarineLabs Director of Product, Dr. Majid Soleimani-nia installs a CoastScout instrument to D24 AtoN in Prince Rupert, BC

The CoastAware network was expanded again this week, as MarineLabs deployed 3 additional CoastScout instruments in Prince Rupert, BC. The addition of these sensors enables the Prince Rupert Port Authority to make weather-critical maritime operating decisions using the best available data, provided by the CoastAware platform.

Two of the CoastScout units were deployed using custom moorings and floatation, while a third was mounted to an Aid-to-Navigation in the vicinity of the Port of Prince Rupert. To minimize the logistical challenges of this and future operations, MarineLabs maintains relationships with the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada paving the way for the instrumentation of potentially thousands of similar navigational aids across Canada.

The CoastAware platform offers subscription access to real-time measurement and historical analysis of wind, wave, and marine traffic data. CoastAware insights support high-fidelity decision-making by port operators, transport safety managers, climate resilience scientists and coastal engineers. Contact MarineLabs today to arrange a demonstration of the CoastAware platform or to learn more.

The deployment operation undertaken by the MarineLabs team was planned and executed in accordance with the public health orders of the Provincial Health Officer of BC.

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