CoastAware™ by MarineLabs

Transforming Maritime Operations with Real-Time Coastal Intelligence

CoastAware™offers  unmatched real-time insights for maritime safety and operations. Our subscription platform, leading in marine weather technology, provides users with detailed, actionable data for informed decision-making.

Transform Your Operations Safety Strategy

  • Wind Speed 4.8 kn
  • Wind Direction 131 °
  • Wind Gust 6 kn
  • Wave Height 1.1 m
  • Wave Direction 248 °
  • Wave Period 5.5 s
  • Wave Quality 1
Last Updated: 06:00 PST

  • Wind Speed 11.3 kn
  • Wind Direction 285 °
  • Wind Gust 13 kn
  • Wave Height 0.7 m
  • Wave Direction 253 °
  • Wave Period 4.9 s
  • Wave Quality 1
Last Updated: 06:00 PST

  • Wind Speed 12.8 kn
  • Wind Direction 217 °
  • Wind Gust 14 kn
  • Wave Height 0.7 m
  • Wave Direction 174 °
  • Wave Period 4.9 s
  • Wave Quality 1
Last Updated: 06:00 PST

Key Features of CoastAware™

Robust Sensor Network

Currently North America-wide and rapidly expanding with new commissioned locations and conversions of navigational aids into data sites.

AI-Driven Forecasting and 
Weather Modelling

Ensuring the availability of high-quality, real-time data whenever needed.

Fully-Managed, Hassle-
Free Operations

No need for costly buoy maintenance or operations, with an expanding sensor network that provides data redundancy for continuous insights.

Subscription Benefits

Real-Time Updates and API Integration

Stay informed with up-to-the-minute updates and easy integration into your systems.

Customizable Alerts
and Dashboards

Tailor the platform to your specific needs with customizable alerts and user-friendly dashboards.

Flexibility and Reliability

Choose from existing sensors in our network, commission new locations, or convert navigational aids to suit your regional needs.

Buoy Cam

Triple Island Pilot Boarding Station, Prince Rupert, B.C.

Real-Time Coastal Images

Enhance your data with visual context from remote coastal locations, offering 360-degree views for comprehensive weather condition assessment.

Persistent and Reliable Service

Over 95% uptime with real-time alerts, alarms, and redundancies.

Easy Access Anywhere

Seamlessly integrate real-time images with weather data, accessible on PCs, mobile devices, or through an API connection.

User-Friendly, Customizable Display

Dashboard View

At a glance, real-time display of the weather conditions where you operate. Everything you need to know on the water.

Desktop View

The complete software suite, integrated with all of the current and historical data. Download, export, explore, and compare between different coastal locations.