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Our business is built on a deep respect and passion for the ocean environment. With the increasing number and scale of maritime equipment deployed globally, while ocean conditions are increasing in intensity and volatility, there is an accelerating need for marine domain awareness. Further, with the anticipated impacts of sea level rise on coastal infrastructure, there is a growing urgency to plan for coastal resilience.

Our mission is to optimize how society adapts to these changes in the marine environment by providing the data that will drive the solutions.

Leadership Team

Scott Beatty

Scott Beatty, CEO

Dr. Beatty has over a decade of marine systems R&D experience as an ocean engineer and researcher. In his doctoral work at University of Victoria, he has managed teams to design and deploy wave measurement instruments and wave energy converters in oceans and wave tanks. He’s developed, patented, and authored publications and International standards in wave energy conversion. His expertise include ocean technology development, testing, and due diligence.

Michael Fischer, VP Software

Michael is a software engineer, product owner, and project manager. He holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering+Physics, an MASc in Mechanical Engineering, and an MSc in Computer Science.  He spent 10 years in real-time instrument software design and high-performance computing for astronomical instrumentation at NASA’s JPL and Caltech, followed by the European Southern Observatory, and National Research Council of Canada. He then shifted focus to the field of energy systems, and helped found an IoT high-efficiency LED lighting and building automation company.

Bryce Bocking, Instrumentation Engineer

Bryce is a mechanical engineer with expertise in control systems, instrumentation, and analysis for marine technology. With a Master of Applied Science from the University of Victoria, he has significant lab and field testing experience in experimental wave energy conversion at University of Victoria,  sensor platform development at Ocean Networks Canada, and product development at AML Oceanographic.


Joshua McKenty, Advisor

A San Francisco 40-Under-40 and NASA Ames Honor Award recipient, Josh brings two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, management and software engineering and architecture to bear on MarineLabs’ strategic direction. Before his work at Pivotal, he was founding CEO of Piston Cloud Computing, Inc (acq. by Cisco). Previously, Joshua was Chief Cloud Architect at NASA Ames, where he co-founded the OpenStack project. While working for the Global Earthquake Model (an international World Bank program), he led the first release of OpenQuake. He is a charter member of the C100, and an advisor to Canadian-led technology companies.

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