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Passionate Advocates for Coastlines and Climate Resilience

At the heart of MarineLabs lies a profound passion and respect for the ocean, driving our mission to revolutionize marine mobility and bolster the climate resilience of coastlines. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our unwavering dedication to being a forward-looking and dependable partner for our customers and collaborators.

Leadership Team

Scott Beaty
Scott Beatty
Dr. Beatty is a Canadian ocean deep-tech entrepreneur with over 18yrs experience in Marine industrial and R&D sectors. Under his leadership, MarineLabs has grown into a thriving company operating a North America wide fleet of MarineLabs sensors that provide coastal data at the world’s highest resolution. He has internationally recognized expertise and leadership in marine technology; with patents and highly cited publications on wave energy conversion technologies, test programs, and field campaigns. He served as convener of IEC standards technical committees and as a technical judge and reviewer for US Dept. of Energy, Wave Energy Scotland, and Canadian Federal Agencies allocating over 75M in funds.
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Christopher Moreno
An experienced CPA-CMA and business person with a multitude of creative abilities, Christopher brings enthusiasm and problem solving skills to all his endeavors. Christopher joined the MarineLabs team to secure Equity and Debt financing. He continues to build our expansion plans across North America with the creation of a 5 year pro-forma model and is working with C-level team to standardize corporate policies, procedures, reporting, and investor communications. He also manages the portfolio of our legal and financial agreements with suppliers and customers.
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Majid Soleimani nia
Dr. Soleimani brings his technical knowledge to bear on MarineLabs product hardware, positioning, and sensor features while ensuring quality and reliability requirements demanded of the ocean environment are met. Majid has an extremely unique combination of technical and practical skills with a PhD in fluid-optical experimental and computational fluid dynamics as well as hands-on industrial experience as a former Quality Control Engineer, Customer Service Supervisor, and Field Service Engineer for heavy construction equipment.
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Michael Fischer
Michael is a software engineer, product owner, and project manager. He holds a BASc in Electrical Engineering+Physics, an MASc in Mechanical Engineering, and an MSc in Computer Science. He spent 10 years in real-time instrument software design and high-performance computing for astronomical instrumentation at NASA’s JPL and Caltech, followed by the European Southern Observatory, and National Research Council of Canada. He then shifted focus to the field of energy systems, and helped found an IoT high-efficiency LED lighting and building automation company.
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Bryce Bocking
Bryce has a passion for combining his mathematics and problem-solving skills with ocean technologies and coastal engineering. He holds a Master of Applied Science degree from the University of Victoria and has extensive experience in numerical analysis techniques in ocean engineering. ⁠As Director of Data Science with MarineLabs, Bryce applies his knowledge of ocean instrumentation, time series analysis, numerical modelling, and machine learning to extract new insights from coastal data. ⁠Prior to MarineLabs, Bryce developed and operated oceanographic instruments for Ocean Networks Canada and AML Oceanographic.
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Adrian Black
Adrian Black
Adrian Black is a passionate manager, people leader, dedicated dad, and consensus builder who develops successful teams and fosters cross departmental and business relationships. Adrian holds a Mechanical Engineering – Thermofluids degree from the University of British Columbia. Adrian started as an engineer on the development team and ultimately led product commercialization at Pure Technologies Ltd., a critical infrastructure inspection, monitoring and data insight company. Adrian consistently performed through Pure’s scale up and eventual acquisition by Xylem. At Xylem, Adrian held various roles in B2B and B2G product management for the Pure Technologies and Sensus brands. At MarineLabs, Adrian is responsible for ensuring we are efficiently executing on our weather intelligence products, features, and use cases that our customers and partners need most.
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