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  • Extreme rogue wave story accesses 63M viewers

    A truly global audience took notice and raised the profile of MarineLabs as a leader in data-driven coastal intelligence after a press release describing how MarineLabs measured an extreme rogue wave was published on February 8, 2022. The media pickup was […]
  • MarineLabs CoastAware™ Measures a Record Breaking Rogue Wave

    A 17.6 meter rogue wave – the most extreme rogue wave ever recorded – has been measured by MarineLabs in the waters off of Ucluelet, B.C. The rogue wave, which measures as high as a four-story building, was recorded in November 2020 by Victoria, B.C.-based […]
  • BC Ferries’ Engineers complete wind & wave analysis with CoastAware™

    BC Ferries runs one of the world’s largest and safest ferry fleets and is in the process of both modernizing the ferries as well as the terminal infrastructure. As part of their terminal engineering efforts, BC Ferries engineers have gained access […]

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