MarineLabs Partners with Kongsberg to Launch BerthWatch

MarineLabs has announced a groundbreaking partnership with multinational company Kongsberg to introduce BerthWatch, an innovative real-time berth depth monitoring and reporting system. This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize ship and port operations by providing access to critical berth-depth data.

With BerthWatch, terminal operators will have the ability to monitor the status of the berth pocket in real time, enabling more accurate and up-to-date information for optimizing docking and loading processes. The system’s accurate berth pocket depth data will facilitate loading optimization and enhance safety measures, particularly for bulk cargo operations.

Furthermore, the real-time information provided by BerthWatch will support the optimization of dredging activities, ensuring that they are scheduled at the most beneficial times for terminal operations. This will prevent arbitrary reductions in berth depth following unexpected grounding incidents.

By combining Kongsberg’s technical hardware with MarineLabs’ subscription-based software, BerthWatch will enable ship and port operators to bring vessels into port in a safer and more cost-efficient manner. This innovative solution will not only enhance port efficiency but also optimize goods volume, ultimately benefiting the entire maritime industry.

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