Understanding our oceans. Quantifying marine hazards. Optimizing your decisions.

MarineLabs offers met-ocean data gathering and real-time monitoring for industries that are concerned about wave conditions.

We have developed small, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy wave measurement buoys with advanced analytics.


Quantify the marine environment around your projects. Gain certainty in your design loads assessments. Minimize risk of design failure and maximize use of project budgets.


Validate marine risks and disaster events using data from our platform. Improve certainty in marine hazard models. Improve accuracy in coverage levels. Accelerate claim resolution.


Minimize risk of design failures by accurately measuring the site-specific conditions ahead of installations. Receive notifications and updates of the conditions within or outside installations.


Measure your domain at higher spatial resolution. Reduce marine operations costs to achieve your research goals. Back-up and QA your data with our cloud platform. Work with our world-class analysis team.

Marine Safety

Complement existing monitoring systems with fleets of small smart sensors. Enable local marine operators as maintenance partners.


Minimize port downtime using real-time condition data. Accurately quantify port availability statistics.

We will soon begin our beta testing program. Please contact us for more information.