• Wind Speed 1.9 kn
  • Wind Direction 196 °
  • Wind Gust 2 kn
  • Wave Height 0.9 m
  • Wave Direction 256 °
  • Wave Period 7.3 s
  • Wave Quality 1
Last Updated: 22:45 PST

  • Wind Speed 8.1 kn
  • Wind Direction 297 °
  • Wind Gust 9 kn
  • Wave Height 0.4 m
  • Wave Direction 268 °
  • Wave Period 6.8 s
  • Wave Quality 1
Last Updated: 12:45 PST

  • Wind Speed 9.5 kn
  • Wind Direction 9 °
  • Wind Gust 10 kn
  • Wave Height 0.7 m
  • Wave Direction 130 °
  • Wave Period 7.3 s
  • Wave Quality 1
Last Updated: 22:45 PST

Real-Time and Predictive Coastal Intelligence

MarineLabs harnesses the power of our continuously expanding sensor network to provide the highest-resolution data, enhancing safety, streamlining marine operations, and building climate-resilient coastlines. Access to weather data, forecasting, and insights means users can make smarter, safer maritime decisions.

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Pioneering the Future of Maritime Safety with Hyper-Localized High-Resolution Data

MarineLabs brings together our unmatched real-time weather data and forecasting for maritime safety and operations, tailored reports offering AI-driven insights and analysis, and real-time berth depth monitoring and reporting in one easy-to-access location.


A new benchmark in maritime weather intelligence, powered by our high-resolution, rapidly deployable sensor network. CoastAware provides users with real-time, machine learning-enabled weather insights and forecasting to validate critical decisions and improve maritime safety.


Turn MarineLabs’ wind, wave, and wake data into actionable insights. Easy-to-access, expansive historical data at predictable costs. With CoastInsights, you can access reports customized to your needs, empowering you to validate modeling studies, make informed decisions, and solve your client’s most pressing problems.


Access to critical berth-depth data means terminal operators can monitor the status of the berth pocket in real time. By combining Kongsberg’s technical hardware with MarineLabs’ software, BerthWatch supports ship and port operators to bring vessels into port safely and cost-effectively.

Data That Powers Smarter, Safer Decisions

Impact on Maritime Operations

From port authorities and vessel pilots to coastal engineers, MarineLabs delivers coastal intelligence and insights that empower customers to make more informed decisions, improve safety, and optimize operations.

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MarineLabs Captures Historic Rogue Wave

MarineLabs captured a colossal 17.6-meter rogue wave near Ucluelet, B.C., in November 2022, the most extreme rogue wave ever recorded.  Highlighting the rugged and reliable nature of our sensor network and the potential of weather intelligence to power safer, more informed decision-making.

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