Reliable Real-Time Data

MarineLabs’ CoastAware™ is powered by its advanced and rapidly deployable sensor network, delivering some of the highest-resolution coastal data available.

Unlock Marine Weather Insights

Redefining Coastal Intelligence

Uninterrupted Reliable Data

Our powerful sensor network is designed for long-term, dependable data collection.

Strength in Numbers

Multiple sensors are positioned along the coastline to eliminate data disruption.

Self-Contained System

Each sensor unit is self-contained, self-powered, and rapidly deployable to ensure consistent operation in remote and challenging marine environments.

Rapid Updates

Data updates are made at as fast as 5-minute intervals, keeping you informed in fast-changing weather conditions.

High Data Transmission Capacity

Our sensors transmit data sizes of 5 Megabytes, significantly larger than the typical  5 bytes, allowing for more detailed and comprehensive weather insights.

Validation Against Industry Standards

Our rigorous validation process guarantees the information you receive meets the high standards required for maritime operations.

Ongoing Expansion of High-Resolution Sensor Network

The CoastAware™ platform offers unprecedented coastal intelligence, transforming how we understand and interact with the marine environment.  Through continuous expansion of its sensor network, MarineLabs is committed to enhancing marine safety and decision-making for coastal communities and maritime operations.